Recipient Profiles

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Please note: Information contained in donor profiles is self reported. 

ER145WH - Amanda & Matthew -  In Cycle

Location: Franklin, TN

About the Recipient Mother: Masters degree, Teacher of the Deaf (preschool to teach children to listen and talk)

About the Recipient Father: Bachelors degree, works in Health insurance.

About the couple: We do not have children, but would tell them about the donation. We would be open to genetic siblings having access. We are open to any level of contact.

ER143GOHI - Bryana & Josh - In Cycle

Location: Nashville, TN

About the Recipient Mother: Professional Certification - GIA Graduate Gemologist Jewelry Appraiser as well as owner/manager of a large pet sitting company that takes care of pets in the comfort of their own home.

About the Recipient Father: Doctorate, Veterinarian. Likes Animals, Movies/Filmatography, Music, Carpentry, Sports, Hiking and Camping, Travel, Reading, Cooking, Video Games, Spending time with family and friends

ER140ED - S & N 

Location: Mound, TX

About the Recipient Mother: Bachelors, NICU RN. Spent all my life caring for other people and their babies. I've been waiting patiently for my chance to be a mom.

About the Recipient Father: Bachelors, Sales/Project Manager. former NFL/College athlete
football, baseball, track, gym, all sports. beer connoisseur. good with kids, especially young men and athletes

ER139NO - Terah and David

Location: Corsicana, TX

About the Recipient Mother: High School Diploma, homemaker/manager of our rental properties. I love spending time with my husband and our two little boys! We spend lots of time working in our garden together. If we aren't outside in the garden, we are usually in the kitchen cooking as a family! I often spend my evenings quilting.

About the Recipient Father: Some College,  P, ostal worker - I love building and remodeling houses, traveling, fishing, cooking, playing with my boys

ER135BE - Teresa & Wayne

Location: South Pasadena, CA

About the Recipient Mother: Masters degree, works in healthcare. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, volunteering to give back to the community, hiking and cooking and baking! I have a wonderful child and I enjoy going taking them to the zoo, beach, playground and volunteering in class! 

About the Recipient Father:Masters Degree, works in Corporate Insurance. Enjoys Home improvement, gardening, spending time with family, cooking, spending time with my dog. 

ER134OV - K & S

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

About Recipient Mother #1 : Professional Certification, works as a Medical Insurance Coordinator. Enjoys Scrapbooking, arts/crafts, photography, and my three fur dogs.  

About Recipient Mother #2: Currently Enrolled in College,  works as QA Technical Clerk; Joining airforce this spring. Enjoys reading, playing with my dogs, and hanging out with friends. I’m a hard working self starter, and I consider myself a bit funny! 

ER130BE - Olivia and Thomas

Update - Recipients checkd in 07/12/2019

Location: Murfreesboro, TN 

About the Recipient Mother: Bachelors,  Insurance Broker. I moved here from California where I grew up with a younger sister. I moved to TN in 2001 on my own. I am mostly Irish with a little English, and my husband is 50/50 Italian and Russian. We both run our own businesses which allows us the flexibility to enjoy traveling and the outdoors. 

About the Recipient Father:Masters, Security Consultant. Thomas grew up in Ohio as an only child and was adopted. Thomas moved to TN with his parents in the late 90's. We both run our own businesses which allows us the flexibility to enjoy traveling and the outdoors.

ER128RO - Ashley & Nicholas

Update - Recipients checkd in 07/02/2019

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

About the Recipient Mother: Professional Certification, works in Department of Defense Civilian Employee. Enjoys Restoring furniture, music, traveling, concerts, walks with dogs, camping, family time 

About the Recipient Father:Currently Enrolled in College, Student and Retired Sergeant of the US Army. Enjoys Astrology, traveling, video games, music, movies,psychology, walks with dogs.

ER122MV - Angeline

Update - Recipients checked in 06/25/2019

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

About the Recipient Mother: Professional Certification, Logistics Administrator. Enjoys  Sport reading cooking garden. Creativity happy childhood family of 4. Win math competitions in primary school. Always looking for the good in peoples. Encourage positivity  

About the Recipient Father: N/A

ER120pe - Rebecca

Update - Recipient checked in 06/25/2019

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

About the Recipient Mother: Some College, works as a Bookkeeper/Property Manager. Enjoys Cooking, healthy eating, reading, music, hiking, running, cycling, walks on the beach, traveling, road trips, spending time with close friends and family.

About the Recipient Father: N/A

ER117HO - Vanessa & Patrick

Update - Recipients checked in 07/09/2019

Location: Erie, CO

About the Recipient Mother: Masters, Architect and artist. Enjoys  ice hockey player, runner, and outdoor enthusiast

About the Recipient Father: Bachelors, works in Biotech Sales. Enjoys woodworking, hiking, biking, photography, reading and writing.

ER115AL - Nicole & David - profile on hold for a few months as of 07/24/19

Update - Recipients checked in 06/26/2019

Location: Colorado Springs, CO 

About the Recipient Mother: Masters, Elementary School Teacher. Enjoys Playing piano, camping, hiking, spending time with my family, volunteering and helping pet rescue organizations, baking cakes, swimming

About the Recipient Father: Professional Certification, Mechanic/Manager,  Enjoys Camping, hiking, four-wheeling, spending time with my family, bbqing

ER111wo - Lizzy & Ben

Location: Longmont, CO

About the Recipient Mother: Masters, I am a baker and I also work in marketing! It’s a weird hybrid but satisfies both my creative and analytical instincts. Enjoys Baking! Writing, reading fiction, yoga!.

About the Recipient Father:Bachelors, Ben is The GM OF Denver Beer co and before that he managed ***** Brewery. He loves brewing, tasting, and managing people! Enjoys Home brewing! Reading practical books on things like organic gardening and beer tasting profiles!