Embryo donation is often referred to as ‘embryo adoption’, however, IVF treatment is different from adoption of a born person in many ways. Specifically, embryo recipients do not ‘adopt’ embryos in the legal sense of the term since embryos are considered quasi property. The contractual definition and rights of embryos may vary depending on the individual state.

An Angel's Gift began as an Egg Donation Agency in 2010. Since then AAG has successfully matched individuals and couples to compassionate women willing to donate their eggs to help would be parents start or grow their families. After some time, several of our recipient parents began coming to us seeking advice on what to do with their left over embryos. They knew their family was complete, but they wanted alternatives to simply destroying their embryos. They commonly expressed how blessed they felt, and they wanted the opportunity to pass those blessing on to someone else. Tantamount to this question, other hopeful parents began coming to us seeking embryos for a last ray of hope to have a baby because of plural infertility or financial strain from failed IVF treatments. As a solution, in 2016 AAG decided to bring together embryo donors and recipients to create renewed hope, unique relationships, and most of all…